Investment Portfolio
  • PKUCare Rehabilitation Hospital

    PKUCare Rehabilitation Hospital is led by top domestic experts to ensure high-quality medical standards and stable source of customers, diversifying profit sources with an asset-light operating model. Founder H Fund is the second largest shareholder of the managing company of this rehabilitation hospital.


    LaoKen Healthcare, established in 1998, is a hi-tech joint-stock company integrating the research, development, manufacturing, sales and service of technical products for air purification and equipment sterilization. LaoKen has a leading market position and a strong brand, with its sales channels covering the whole country.

  • BCC

    Beautycare Clinics Medical Investment Co. Ltd., founded in 2012, is a medical chain focusing on beauty care and cooperating with famous doctors. Beautycare Clinics has opened nearly 20 high-end beauty care clinics in China, as well as branches in San Francisco, Geneva, Vancouver, Seoul, Hong Kong and Taiwan, China.

  • Yinglian Biopharmaceutical

    Jilin Yinglian Biopharmaceutical Co. Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise dedicated to serve for the health of humans. Based on high quality and high performance hardware facilities and the world’s leading biotechnology, as well as advanced innovative business concepts and a scientific & excellent management team, Jilin Yinglian is committed to producing safe and efficient medical products. It ranks the second in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular medicine market, taking nearly 40% of market shares.

  • Quanyuantang Pharmacy

    Chengdu Quanyuantang Pharmacy Chain Co. Ltd., founded in 1902, is a time-honored brand with more than 100 years of history. It ranks at the top in the medicine E-commerce market, and became the first public company listed on NEEQ in Southwest of China.

  • Henlius

    Shanghai Henlius Biotech Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company formed by Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Henlius Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. in December 2009. The company focuses on the development, production and commercialization of mAb (Monoclonal Antibody Based Biotherapeutics) biosimilar drugs, bio-betters and novel mAbs using cutting-edge technology.

  • Geoskincare

    Geoskincare is a subsidiary of NZ Skincare Company Limited, a New Zealand cosmetics group, and is devoted to developing natural and pure cosmetics free from additives. Its ingredients are selected from the magicalskin care elementsof New Zealand, combining natural minerals and precious essential oils of plants. There are no artificial fragrances, dyes, mineral oils in the formulas and it aims to provide pure and healthy skin care products from New Zealand with no additives to its customers.

  • Ascentage Pharma

    Ascentage Pharma is dedicated to the research and development of original drugs, with many years of research experience and successful records in original small-molecule-targeted antineoplastic drugs. The company is mainly targeted at the research hotspots and development trends of new small-molecule-targeted antineoplastic drugs in the international arena. It designs, screens, evaluates, optimizes and develops a series of original small-molecule-targeted antineoplastic drugs with proprietary intellectual property rights, so as to fill the gap of technological research and market products in the domestic industry and expand into the global high-end pharmaceutical market.

  • Prismlab

    Prismlab China Ltd, is a High-Tech enterprise integrated with optical,mechanical,electrical technology, computer software & hardware and photopolymer materials. Focusing on R&D, manufacturing and further sales of 3D rapid prototyping machines, its product was awarded the “Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award”、”iF Industrie Forum Design”, etc.


    China's leading integrated service provider of construction of large genetic discipline,diagnostic product R & D,medical diagnosis outsourcing service and information service.

  • Peijia Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

    Peijia Medical Technology Co., Ltd.was founded in 2012.The company focuses on the development and production of high-end medical heart valve disease devices.

  • XINZHI Medical

    XINZHI Medical is a Medical science and technology company for interventional non-implant medical active high-value consumables,in the field of cardiovascular and peripheral blood vessels.

  • China Internet Plus Holding Ltd

    China Internet Plus (CIP) is the largest service platform in the O2O field of global modern lifestyle services, and it has achieved the full coverage of the modern lifestyle services sector; specifically, it covers dining, take-out, movie, hotel, travel, KTV, etc. CIP has leading advantages in all of the above mentioned sub-sectors, ranking number one in all sub-sectors except hotel and travel sectors.

  • Sheng Shi Long Teng

    Hunan Sheng Shi Long Teng Network Technology Co. Ltd., registered in October 2012, is a mobile game developer and publisher with its initiator being the co-founder and CTO of a famous game company in this field. The core team of this company has been working together and knowing each other for many years, and they all occupied important positions in famous internet and game companies in the past.

  • Chun Shui Tang

    Chun Shui Tang brand, established in 2005, has already become the top domestic brand in the hormone economic market subdivision with many years of industrial accumulation and more than 1000 varieties of agent products, covering the products of all main brands in the market subdivision. In terms of marketing and sales, the company has successfully built the proprietary PC+APP, T-mall flagship store, Wechat, JD shop and other well-known e-commerce shops through the self-owned vertical internet e-commerce platform and other internet channels.

  • YKS

    As one of the few domestically leading and cross-border e-commerce enterprises,YKS (Youkeshu) is oriented towards Internet and cross-border trade and devoted to building a trade circulation system of global goods. Currently, it is a top 5 company in terms of cross-border export which manages nearly 100,000 stock keeping units and more than 5000 suppliers. Dolphin Supply Chain is recognized as the No. 1 brand among cross-border export wholesalers at present,and has provided strategic supply of goods for many well-known e-commerce platforms including,,, Red,, Babytree, etc.

  • NextVR

    Founded in 2009, NextVR ownsmore than 36 technical patents in VR live streaming and related areas. It is a VR streaming company which takes the lead in comprehensivelysolving the three pain points, i.e. hardware, bandwidth and content,in the world, achievingimmersive experience in combination with high resolution and providing live streams covering sports events, US presidential debates, rock concerts, etc.


    INJOINIC TECHNOLOGY is the IC design company focus on the development and sales of high performance, high quality digital-analog hybrid integrated circuit chip,which has more than 10 years experience in design, production and testing of advanced digital-analog hybrid chips.


    Dongxing Securities is an A-class national comprehensive securities company, a leading regional brokerage with high market shares in brokerage business in Fujian province and South China. In 2011, Founder H Fund invested 197 million yuan to hold 54 million shares in DongXing Securities, becoming the fifth largest shareholder. On Feb. 26, 2015, Dongxing Securities conducted an IPO of 500 million shares to be traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.


    IPOWERU is the leading education technology brand in China,providing training courses for independent independent recruitments,discipline competitions and college entrance examinations

  • Slanissue

    Slanissue is the leading brand in online early education, ranking the top in the children’s animation sub-segment in the country. Through the Internet, mobile devices, emerging multimedia technologies, publications and other physical products and services, as well as children's favorite cartoon images, Slanissue strives to create high-quality contents and products, and offer best-quality, full-media family early education products to promote the development of the preschooler education cause.

  • Urwork

    Urwork was initiated by Mr. Mao Daqing, a well-known real estate professional, and jointly initiated by a number of domestic entrepreneurs in April 2015. It adopts the new office model originated in USA to rent out the new type of shared office spaces to enterprises (most small startup enterprises).

  • Hi Guides

    Hi Guides has integrated the resources of 100 million overseas Chinese to provide convenient, heart-warming and safe overseas Chinese-language private tour driver-guide (driver + guide) services, and ensure the travel satisfaction of customers through uniform service standards and criteria, as well as a sound service quality assurance system. As of now, Hi Guides owns close to 100,000 certified driver-guides, providing Chinese-language driver-guide services to visitors in more than 1100 cities of over 60 countries in the world.

  • Hos Joy

    Targeted at the upgrading demands of high-endand mid-range consumers, Hos Joy is an integrated service provider of comfortable and smart homes which focuses on the integrated solutions of comfortable and smart systemsfor families. Its five main business systems cover products in terms of comfortable temperature, fresh air, healthy water treatment, and smart appliances. Through the one-stop service of systematic solutions, product packages and engineering construction management, it provides its users with integral solutions for a comfortable environment.

  • JINYUAN new material

    JINYUAN new material conpany was established in 2003 which engaged in the recycling and technology development of waste lithium battery and the development and production of cathode materials for batteries in China.It has more than 10 years experiences in technology development industry.Among them, the recovery rate of lithium metal is far higher than the industry average. The company is listed on the NEEQ in April 2017.

  • ZhongGuang Media

    ZhongGuang Media is a film and television media firm integrating the planning, production, distribution, and marketing of excellent mainstream films and television dramas as its primary business. It has successfully created TV series works like "Rush" (alternatively named “Mission Sirius"), "Hunting", "Trigun Legend", "Anti-Japanese Women," "Drawing Sword - Jagged Soul" ("New Drawing Sword"), which were widely praised and recognized by the market.


    Tianjin JIURI New Materials Co. Ltd. is the largest photo-initiator manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1998, the company is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D, manufacturing, sales and services of photo-initiators, monomers, oligomers, UV absorbers and pharmaceutical intermediates. On Sep. 7, 2012, JIURI New Materials became one of the first enterprises in China and the first enterprise in Tianjin to be listed on NEEQ.


    Based on financial education, TRUSSAN provides leading financial planning services for new middle class families, combining artificial intelligence and expert consultants.TRUSSAN creates a knowledge payment platform designed to solve the growing anxiety of family life——"flying class" ,and "Blue", a leading intelligent product in China.