Founder KIP Healthcare Fund

Founder KIP Healthcare Fund is the first China-Korea joint venture health industry fund with supporting from profound medical background and focuses on the investment opportunities in healthcare, medical device, healthcare IT and medicine.

Founder Industrial Upgrading Fund

Founder Industrial Upgrading Fund aims to push the industrial upgrading in China, which can help industrial competitive companies to achieve revolutionary development and realize the sustainable development of the competitive industries of China in the next ten years.

The Greater China Prosper Fund

The Greater China Prosper Fund, jointly set up by Founder H Fund and Taiwan China Prosper Group, is a private equity investment fund with the theme of “cross-border equity investment in the greater China region”.

Jiusheng Fund

Jiusheng Fund, jointly set up by Founder H Fund and Shanghai Putao Holdings,is a fund dedicated to children education and children techonology. It mainly invests in children's education, artificial intelligence and other related fields.

PKU Healthcare and Founder H Fund

PKU Healthcare and Founder H Fund, PKU Healthcare and Founder H Fund is jointly set up by Founder H Fund Co. Ltd and PKU Healthcare. It invests in early and grouth-stage companies in the areas of precision medicine, medical devices, drug development, medical services, etc. , which represent new scientific and technological directions.

PKU Enterpreneur Fund

PKU Enterpreneur Fund is jointly set up by Founder H Fund Co. Ltd.and PKU education foundation, with FounderHF as the fund manager. The fund is set up to integrate the high-quality education resources of PKU Enterpreneur's Training Camp and the strong industrial background of Founder Group. The fund mainly invests in start-up enterprises founded by PKU students,teachers and alumni,as well as technology transformation achievements of PKU.