Our Team
  • Mr. Xia Yangjun President

    Mr. Xia Yangjun had been working for Founder Group as Senior Management for proven years, leading group strategies, investments, and M&A. He led the acquisition and reorganization of China Hi-Tech Group (SH.600730), PKU Healthcare (SZ.000788), Suzhou Steel Group and PKU Resources, the major asset restructuring of Beijing EC-Founder (HK.0618), as well as series of investments in Founder H Fund. He was once in charge of software businesses at Founder Group, and undertook the position of director at Peking University International Hospital, which endowed him with a wealth of business operation and management experience. Mr. Xia is the chairman of the Board or CEO at several listed companies in mainland China and Hong Kong, and the director at certain financial institutions, banks and industrial companies. Mr. Xia received his EMBA from Peking University and a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics; in addition, he is a Chinese Certified Public Accountant.

  • Mr. Wo Feiyu Managing Director

    Mr. Wo Feiyu is the current president of Founder KIP Healthcare Fund, responsible for investments in the field of healthcare. He led multiple investment projects including BeauCare Clinics, PKUCare Rehabilitation Hospital, Shanghai Urtekram, Ascentage Pharma, etc. He has been dedicating his career in investment for decades. Prior to joining Founder H Fund, Mr. Wo was the vice president and general manager for strategic investment at Peking University International Hospital, general manager of the Strategic Investment Department at Founder Group and general manager of the Investment Department at Founder Technology Group Co. Ltd. (SH.600601). He was in charge of establishing Founder Group's investment management system, and participated in the acquisition and restructuring of PKU Healthcare (000788.SZ), Suzhou Steel Group, Zhuhai PCB, etc. as a core member. He led the capital market refinancing of Founder Technology multiple times, and has extensive experience in investment and financing as well as the merger and acquisition business. He served as the director at Founder Holdings (HK.0418) and a number of listed and unlisted companies concurrently. Mr. Wo obtained a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Wuhan University of Technology, a Master’s Degree in Management from Shanghai Maritime University and an EMBA Degree from Peking University.

  • Mr. Zhang Chao Executive Director

    Mr. Zhang Chao has many years’ experience in the equity investments, mergers and acquisitions of Listed Companies, private placement as well as structured financing. Before joining Founder H Fund, he worked for CCB International (China) Co. Ltd., as the general manager of Marketing & Institutional Business Department and senior investment manager of International Business Department in the State Development and Investment Company. He led the establishment of the 3-billion A-Share Private Placement Fund, the 2-billion Stock-Pledged Repurchase Special Fund, the 0.5-billion National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) Fund, as well as many real estate special funds. Moreover, he has led investments spanning a broad range, including internet, TMT, culture and media, high-end machinery manufacturing and large consumption. Projects include Westone (SZ.002268), China Railway (SH.601390), Beston (SH.600637), Joyson Electronics (SH.600699), Jiangsu Huacan Telecommunications (830771), Ficont Industry (831344), Jiali Technology (831074), DREX (833627), Baixing.com (836012), TINAVI (834360), the returning of Dian Dian Interactive Holding to A stock, Wengfu Group, Indonesia nickel ore, Kazakhstan potash and Kyrgyzstan television station. Mr. Zhang is a MBA of Tsinghua University.

  • Ms. Liu Dongxia CFO

    Ms. Liu Dongxia is responsible for financial capital, human resources and administration works in Founder H Fund. Ms. Liu has worked in financial management for many years. She once served as the general manager of the Financial Management Department and director of Capital Management at Founder Commodities, the finance manager at Founder Technology, and the auditor at RSM Chinese Certified Public Accountants. She has extensive experience in finance and fund management of large companies, and she is very proficient in corporate management matters such as tax planning, performance review and system construction. Ms. Liu graduated from the Central University of Finance and Economics; she is also a Chinese Certified Public Accountant.

  • Mr. Zhang Zilun Senior Vice-President of Investment

    Mr. Zhang Zilun is currently the head of the venture capital team at Founder H Fund. Mr. Zhang has more than 8 years of work experience in venture capital investment and financial services. Prior to joining Founder H Fund, he worked as the vice-president of investment at HAO Capital and an analyst of the Investment Banking Department at BOC International. Mr. Zhang is mainly in charge of early to mid-term project investment in the consumption, Internet and high-tech fields. He has led or participated in investment projects such as Youkeshu Group, Hi Guides, Urwork, Universal Education Group, Slanissue, Sheng Shi Long Teng, LP Amina, etc. He excels in helping invested enterprises achieve optimization in sales, operations, financial standardization, etc., as well as attracting talent resources. Mr. Zhang graduated from Guanghua School of Management of Peking University and obtained an MBA degree. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Beijing Technology and Business University.

  • Ms. Wang Mei Chief Risk Officer

    Ms. Wang Mei had been a lawyer for ten years, leading and participating in legal services of numerous projects including mergers and acquisitions, red chip listings, equity investments and bond issues, with rich experience in the legal compliance and risk control of project investments. Ms. Wang obtained a double degree in Law and Business Management, and she is a certified lawyer in China.

  • Mr. Li Xinyan Executive Director

    Mr. Li Xinyan has considerable experience on investment businesses in both primary and secondary markets, and more than 18 years of cross-finance and cross-industry investment experience. He has been focusing on investments in the healthcare, environment protection & energy saving and intelligent automation sectors. In the healthcare segment, he has more than 10 years of practical investment experience, and has good understanding of medicine, medical equipment, medical services and mobile healthcare sub-segments. He served successively as the Strategic Investment manager at Far East Henderson, Investment Director at China Science & Merchants, and Managing Partner at GTJA Investment. The successful cases led or participated by him include SolarEast (SH.603366), MinFa Aluminium (SZ.002578), Yarun Culture (merged by GIMC), Bioscience, YaDong Qitian Medicine and JiaMing Environment. Mr. Li is also a member of the National Center for Science & Technology Evaluation, NCSTE, Nanjing Innovative Entrepreneurship Leading Talent Plan, and Oversea Chinese Talent Entrepreneurship Competition. He holds a bachelor's degree of economics from Nanjing University and a master's degree of Economics from Renmin University of China.

  • Mr. Chen Su Assistant President

    Mr. Chen Su has many years’ experience in management consulting, industry research and private equity. Before joining Founder H Fund, he was the Strategic Management manager of the Strategic Investment Department at Founder Group, and participated in the formulation and implementation of Strategic Planning 2012-2016 and Capital Operation Planning for Founder Group. Earlier on, Mr. Chen worked for Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, and accumulated plenty of experience in industry research and corporation management & consulting through establishing industrial upgrading policies for national departments, local governments, telecommunication operators and internet companies, executing company strategy plans and conducting related research on operational decisions. Mr. Chen graduated from Renmin University of China with a Master’s Degree in Economics.

  • Ms. Li Xiujuan General Manager of the Compliance & Risk Control Department

    Ms. Li Xiujuan is the current general manager of the Compliance & Risk Control Department at Founder H Fund Co. Ltd. She has undertaken legal compliance work in the field of investment banking, equity investment, private equity funds, merger & acquisition, etc. at Tian Yuan Law Firm and CITIC Securities, with nearly a decade of experience in the financial legal compliance sector. Ms. Li graduated from Peking University, and obtained the vocational qualification for lawyer.